Tune in to US

Whether at home or on the road, at work or in the garden, tune in to the Impuls radio, a radio that tunes you. If you are travelling by car, you will get guaranteed and fresh information about the situation on our roads, every hour of fresh news from home and abroad, competitions, popular shows with famous personalities, pleasant music from home performers.
The radio that gets you

You no longer need to debug another radio every now, because the Impuls radio is guaranteed to get you and you no longer want to listen to any other. Radio, which plays in Czech, interesting shows both about travel and cooking or about the sneaky between men and women, songs on request or competitions. Moderating moderators such as Vlasta Korec, Jitka Vlková, Honza Daněk, or programmes of famous personalities such as Veronika Žilková or Václav Moravec